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Januari 11, 2010 § 3 Komentar

This is not a new effect in Photoshop but to review againt its not wrong is it? (actually i dont have any idea to make new posting hehehehe …). First, of course you need photos and the photoshopnya software : D and then just follow this easy steps below:
1. Create a black and white photo with: image> mode> grayscale

2. Make brigthness photo with: imange> Adjustment> brigthness-contras. Make approximately estimated how bright the picture because there is no each photo has a light respectively. I wear brighness: 42, contras: 22

3. Then give the poster edges effect with : filter> artistic> poster edges> set the edge thickness, edge intensity and posterization. I set the edge thickness: 10, edge intensity: 1, posterization: 6

4. Give it a little touch of film grain with : filter> artistic> film grain> set grain, highlight the area and intensity. I set the grain: 4, highlighting areas: 11, intensity: 5

5. If there is grain (dots) to be eliminated in certain parts of living you can use with : stamp> alt + click on where you want to adjust the color on click to the grain that wants to be removed or use brush tool equates with first / duplicated the color using eyedrooper
This difference if you use stamp/brush to clean the dots,
Before given the stamp / brush tool:

Having given a stamp / brush tool:

Done…have a nice try 😀

Klik here for read in Bahasa


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